Rod and bonefishMy name is Rod Hamilton and I live in British Columbia, Canada.

I have been a fly fisherman and tier for 40 years and chased everything that swims on tropical flats with a fly rod for twenty years.  I started out as most of us do, going to lodges and learning from some great guides, who taught me just enough to be dangerous.  But I was hooked and wanted to learn all I could about catching the silver ghost on a fly.

Now it is a passion and I spend 4-5 months of the year on the flats and the rest of the time fishing for trout, steelhead and salmon in B.C., Alberta and the Western United States.

Though I enjoy fishing with guides and going to lodges for a few weeks each year I am primarily a DIY guy and find nothing more enjoyable than exploring new places in some out of the way corner of the tropics.