Cayo Coco, Cuba

Without a doubt the majority of new reports and information requests I receive are focused on places other than the Bahamas.  From my perspective this is a massive shift in interest from traveling anglers. Cuba, Mexico, Belize, Turks & Caicos, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Barbados

Fishing the Mangroves

A couple of recent comments asking about how to land fish when they are in the “bushes” had me reflecting on my own trials and tribulations regarding this common DIY scenario; “My fish is in the mangroves, now what do I do?” Their confusion about what to do ori

Tarpon Caye Lodge – Belize

When I first started my Blog I’m not sure there were any bonefishing lodges that offered a DIY component to the traveling angler, certainly none that I knew about. Now, they are popping up throughout the Caribbean, most offering a combination of guided and non-guided days along

The Bank of Love

The Bank of Love was formed on the day you were married, you just didn’t know it. It’s like every other bank, you and your wife’s joint account is made up of deposits and withdrawals.   Kind words, thoughtful gestures, flowers, cards for no particular reasonR

DIY For The First Time

One thing is for sure, there was a first time for all of us. For me it was so long ago, I barely remember the first bonefish I caught on my own.  Think it was Belize, no..maybe Bahamas..wait, it actually could have been Grand Cayman.   Crap, I really don’t remember. Anyway, I do

Grand Cayman

I get occasional reports from Grand Cayman but got two last week on consecutive days.  I have edited one which is found below as a Guest Blog and will post the second shortly.  Both from subscribers, but with varied levels of bonefishing experience. For those of you who have not been

I’m Here, But Wish I Was There

I’m normally in the tropics this time of year, making the elegant transformation from the cocooned five layered, rain soaked, wader adorned British Columbian to the light shirt and shorts, suntanned, beer holding bonefish fisherman. Alas, I’m sitting at my desk wincing as

DIY SUP’ing Turks and Caicos

When I got this Guest Blog from Dylan I had to smile.  First the story was about one of my favourite places to fish, Turks & Caicos and second he was fishing on one of my favourite platforms, a Stand Up Paddle Board. For those of you who haven’t experienced  it yet it, fishi