SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAPreparing your equipment for a DIY bonefishing adventure is different then when going to a full service lodge.  On a DIY trip there are no “backups” readily available like there are at the lodge.  There are no secret flies from the guide, no tools available to fix equipment, no rods if you break one and no leaders or tippet material if you brought old spools.

The reality and fun of a DIY bonefishing trip is that you are responsible for your success, so plan for all eventualities.  What happens if you break a rod, your reel seizes up, you cut a fly line on coral, etc.

Prior to leaving on a trip to a full service lodge they will provide you a list of flies you need to bring and then back that list up with flies that are available at the lodge.  For DIY bonefishing trips there is not a list of flies to buy so you need to pack a wide range of flies in a variety of sizes representing all the basic food groups for the area you are fishing.  You need to think about deep fish, spooky fish, shallow water tailing bonefish, large schools, singles, windy conditions and calm slick conditions.

In other words ……………. BE PREPARED.