Bonefish Junk

Let’s get it out there, I have a bit of a man crush on Charlie Craven, he’s a great fly tier and a real innovator.  I’ve been tying flies for 45 years (sweet Jesus! really?) and have something like 10,000 flies in the fly tying room. I have experimented a lot through

Turks & Caicos Trip Report

The Turks & Caicos has long been a vacation destination for North American tourists seeking some fun in the sun during the winter months.  Providenciales (“Provo”) is the most well known of the islands and is the center of the tourism industry with a wide range of hote

Long Island Bonefish Lodge

Just back from a couple of weeks of bonefishing at the Long Island Bonefish Lodge in the Bahamas.  The lodge specializes in “assisted” DIY bonefishing where they run you out by boat to the targeted flats for the day, drop you off, offer some advice and then let you stalk b

Flies For DIY Bonefishing

I’ve had a number of requests to show a couple of my favorite bonefish flies, the Pop’s Bitter and Greg’s Flats Fly.  As a DIY, walk and wade guy most of the fish I see are fished to regularly because the access is generally by car.  These bones can get pressured and