Thanks to Chris Bray of Colorado for the great report from Barbados.  I had been contacted by Thomas Rasmussen who lives there, assuring me there were bonefish that can be caught.  Based on Chris’s report we now know to throw the fly rod in, if planning a vacation to Barbados. &

Some Memorable Bonefish

To end the week I thought I would put up pics of three of memorable bonefish from this past season.  They rank up there not because they are the largest I’ve ever caught or seen but because of the circumstances and the people I shared the experience with.   My wife Kim, hol

The Perfect Morning

I’m Canadian and live in British Columbia.  Hockey is not a sport for us.  Soccer is a sport, baseball and basketball are sports.  Hockey……is well……… Yesterday I woke up to a magnificent Bahamian sun streaming over the flats of Exuma.  Mile

Turks & Caicos Trip Report

The Turks & Caicos has long been a vacation destination for North American tourists seeking some fun in the sun during the winter months.  Providenciales (“Provo”) is the most well known of the islands and is the center of the tourism industry with a wide range of hote

DIY – Fishing for Bonefish

I’ll admit it, Do It Yourself trips for bonefish started out as an off shoot of lodge trips, moved into the category of a passion and now quite frankly is a disease………..with no cure. I hope to share with you on this blog and on my website Do It Yourself Flats F