DIY For The First Time

One thing is for sure, there was a first time for all of us. For me it was so long ago, I barely remember the first bonefish I caught on my own.  Think it was Belize, no..maybe Bahamas..wait, it actually could have been Grand Cayman.   Crap, I really don’t remember. Anyway, I do

Now This Is A DIY Trip – Cat Island

As Blogs go, this is a long one, but I had to print it in its entirety because it tells such a wonderful story.  Really this is the “Poster Child” blog of why we do what we do and why the Bahamas is such a perfect place to take our families. It is so reminiscent of my favo

DIY Bonefishing – Cat Island

I love Cat Island in the Bahamas. It’s quiet, has beautiful beaches, the people are really friendly and there are enough places to walk and wade to have a memorable fishing trip.  If your non-fishing spouse is happy to lay on white crystal sand on a classically beautiful beach a