Long Island Bonefishing

Here is a nice “guest blog” from Brad and Kelsey who just came home from a trip to Long Island.  Sounds like they had fun and was typical of a self-guided trip early in a fisherman’s bonefishing career. Rod asked me to write a blog post about our experience fishing L

A Good Morning On The Flats

The first seven days of my fourteen days at the Long Island Bonefishing Lodge were great and then Mother Nature decided I was having too much fun and dealt me a hand consisting of 35 m.p.h. winds, clouds and rain for the next  four days.   On the seventh day of the trip I had the plea

Long Island Bonefish Lodge

Just back from a couple of weeks of bonefishing at the Long Island Bonefish Lodge in the Bahamas.  The lodge specializes in “assisted” DIY bonefishing where they run you out by boat to the targeted flats for the day, drop you off, offer some advice and then let you stalk b

The Ups and Downs of DIY

Putting together the final touches for my upcoming trip to the Bahamas where I get to walk and wade the flats of Deadman’s Cay.  Tying the last of my Greg’s Flats Fly (favourite bonefish pattern) and Pop’s Bitters and I am ready to go.  There is nothing better than s