United States



The bonefishing opportunities in the U.S. are limited and both the Florida and Hawaiian fish are tough to catch.  But the fish that are there can be some of the largest in the world.

Fishing for bones in Florida is concentrated from Biscayne Bay south through the Florida Keys.  Bonefishing in Hawaii is most prevalent on the island of Oahu.  In Florida there are a number of places to fish on your own but a kayak expands the fishable territory by leaps and bounds.  In Hawaii you can reach most of the fishable flats without a kayak.

Of all the places I fish, my recommendation for Florida and Hawaii is to hire a guide.  The fish are just so tough to find and catch that utilizing the guides local knowledge is well worth the price.

Of course the overwhelming draw to both the Florida Keys and Hawaii is the beauty of the environment and the great overall holiday you can have.  So even if you don’t catch a lot of fish, you are sure to have a first class vacation.