Located 50 miles off the coast of Florida, The Bahamas has something to offer everyone looking for fun in the sun. Whether it’s the developed tourist areas of Nassau or the laid back approach of the “Out Islands” you are sure to find the perfect destination to match your vacation desires.

Consisting of over 700 cays and atolls the country has a population of approximately 300,000 of which 70% live on New Providence, leaving fewer than 100,000 Bahamians scattered throughout the remaining 30-40 inhabited islands and cays.

Blessed with miles and miles of hard bottomed wadeable flats the Bahamas are famous for bonefishing and is the ultimate destination for those looking to hook up with one of Mother Natures greatest game fish.

Lodges range from world-class, all-inclusive resorts to much simpler fare. The emergence of DIY Assisted lodges which provide food, accommodation and a guide when required, are definitely worth checking out. The Bahamas boasts some of the best independent guides in the Caribbean, many of them having fished their home waters for more than twenty years. Staying at a lodge or using an independent guide is the surest way to catch fish and there is a plan to fit every budget.

The self-guided opportunities are extensive with most of the islands offering miles of flats and creek systems where you can match wits with bonefish while wading on your own. Combining DIY days with independent guides is a recipe for both freedom and success.

By clicking on one of the Bahamian Islands listed in the left margin you will be taken to individual locations to learn about the island, need-to-know fishing information and meet the local contacts necessary to help you pick the perfect vacation getaway.